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Shu Koh Koku — Premium Daily Meditation

Premium Daily Meditation


Syukohkoku literally means Gathering of Incense Nations. This, of course, is a reference to the Silk Road which was forged to trade silk from China to the West. The Silk Road became the vehicle of Buddhist missionaries and the means of introducing Buddhism into China. It was these Buddhist monks that introduced incense into China, and with it created another commodity to be traded along the route — incense ingredients.

571 Shukohkoku Long

(11" Long bundle, 75 grams)

575 Shukohkoku Flat Box
(5-1/2" Short sticks, 50 grams)
Tokusen Shu Koh Koku

Tokusen Shu Koh Koku

585 Excellent Shu Koh Koku

(5-1/2" Short sticks, 50-gram flat box)
Kai Un Koh (Good Fortune)

Kai Un Koh (Good Fortune)

This a very intense traditional incense with strong elements of aloeswood, borneol camphor, cassia, clove, and sandalwood. The sticks are a unique thick square design. A great combination of woods and spices!

219 Kai Un Koh

(5-1/2" square sticks, 35 grams)

New! Tobiume (Flying Plum)

Legend has it, when Michizane moved to a new temple, the plum tree outside his window uprooted and flew to his new location to be near him.

335 Tobiume

(5-1/2" Short sticks, 45 gram-flat box)